How To Email PayStubs In QuickBooks Desktop And Online?

As we already know that paystubs are a part of paychecks that lists out the information about employees’ pay. It also categorizes the wages earned by the pay period and year-to-date payroll. However, the paystubs also indicate the amount of net pay the employee actually receives. In spite of sending paper paystubs, you can also send the e-copies to the employees. This blog will tell you how to email paystubs QuickBooks Desktop and Online. So you can easily email paystubs QuickBooks. However, if you need more information, then you can contact our experts. You have to dial our QuickBooks Payroll Phone Number.

How To Email Paystubs QuickBooks Desktop?

Although there is no need to keep the records manually. You can keep the employees’ records digitally or in an electronic format. You have to follow some basic steps to email the paystubs QuickBooks Desktop. They are as follows:

Step-1: Update QB to the latest release.

First of all, you have to check which QB version you are using. If you want to check the version, then you have to open QB >> Ctrl+1(or F2) >> check your release version. If you are a beginner and want to know how to update QB. Then refer Update QuickBooks to the latest release. 

Ensure that you are using Adobe Acrobat Reader’s latest version. Because QB uses Adobe Acrobat Reader to covert paystubs into pdf format.

Step-2: Turn on email settings

  • First of all, open QB.
  • Then visit the Edit menu >> Preferences >> Send Forms >> My Preferences.
  • For Gmail, Yahoo, or similar email services, click on WebMail.
  • Click on Outlook for Microsoft Outlook.
  • In order to use the QB email service, then choose QuickBooks Email. 
  • When it is over, click on the OK option to move further.

Step-3: Email Paychecks

  • Firstly, from the File menu, click on Switch to Single-user Mode. 
  • Don’t select the Switch to Multi-user Mode option.
  • Again visit the File menu >> Print Forms >> Pay Stubs.
  • Then choose the bank account.
  • Set the date range for the pay stubs for the required email.
  • Now select the employees you want to email pay stub to. 
  • You can also erase the checkmark next to an employee’s name if you don’t want to include them.
  • Click on the Preview option >> Email.
  • QB will automatically produce a password for each employee and email.
  • After that fill each employee’s email address one at a time.
  • Review the email in the Send Forms window. 
  • You can also edit the fields like the subject line, and the email body. 
  • Click on Send Now option when it is over.

Note: Ensure that employees’ last name does not include brackets or parentheses. As it does not allow you to open the email.

How To Email Paystubs QuickBooks Online?

Although, you can email paystubs in QuickBooks Online Payroll and other versions. For this, you have to perform some steps. They are as follows:

QuickBooks Online Payroll

Step-1: Set the preferences

  • First, visit the Settings >> Payroll Settings.
  • From the Preferences section >> Paycheck Printing >> Plain paper stubs.
  • Then click on the OK option.

Step-2: Print paystubs

  • Visit the Workers menu >> Employees >> Paystub list.
  • Select the paystubs that you want to print.

QuickBooks Online Payroll Enhanced

Set the preferences and print paystubs

  • Firstly, go to Setup, and then click Preferences.
  • Choose Paycheck Printing Settings >> Plain paper stubs.
  • Click on Payday >> Pay checklist.
  • Now click on View Print to print the paystubs.
  • Select the printer icon to print the pay stubs.

QB Online Payroll Full Service

Print paystubs

  • First of all, go to the Homepage.
  • Choose the View paycheck List.
  • Next, click on the paychecks that you want to print.
  • Hit the printer icon to print the paystubs.

In the end

In short, paystubs tell you the net amount received by the employees. By following the above steps, then you can email paystubs QuickBooks. These steps will be helpful in emailing paystubs in QB Desktop and Online. It will make your work easier by sending copies to the employees in a digital way. If you are facing any problem like your email is not opening. Then you can consult with our highly-qualified and experienced QuickBooks Support professionals. They are available 24/7 to provide support to you.


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