QuickBooks Error H101-Fix Error While Opening QuickBooks Company File

QuickBooks Error H101

In today’s era, everything has been automated. Intuit developed QuickBooks is one of the most popular bookkeeping software that is utilized by freelancers, bookkeepers. But QuickBooks Error H101 is an H series error. Other H-series errors are like error H202, H505, etc. QuickBooks Error H101 is an error that happens when the customers are attempting to move between a single-user environment and a multi-user environment in QuickBooks accounting software. It also indicates that there is some issue that is preventing the multi-user association with the server. If you want any assistance, then you can contact our QuickBooks Support specialists. They are available 24/7 to provide world-class professional services to all our customers.

The message that occurs on the screen like:

QuickBooks Error H101: “Error occurs due to some serious issues that prevent the association with the database server”.

Sources of QuickBooks Error H101

Solutions can be easily found if error sources are known previously. These sources harm your system or PC. Due to which your PC does not respond accurately. Facing these types of errors can be quite frustrating sometimes when you have to do some important work. Here is a list of some sources due to which QuickBooks error H101 arises such as:

  • First, there are incorrect Hosting configuration settings.
  • The firewall blocks incoming or outgoing interaction to the company file.
  • Incorrect .ND files.
  • Unable to obtain the IP address of the system hosting the company file.
  • Workstations are configured to open the file through the hosts’ Fully Qualified Domain Name.
  • The QuickBooksDBXX service does not begin.
  • The file is not found on the installed server.
  • Don’t have READ/Write permission.
  • Did not scan QB files folder with a QB Database server on the server

All these are the main sources for the occurrence of the QuickBooks Error H101. If these sources are identified, then you can know what are the possible and exact reasons behind this error. These errors are for a temporary period but it hinders the functioning of QB.

Solutions to fix QuickBooks Error H101

Encountering QuickBooks Error H101, don’t worry. These are the solutions with detailed explanations by implementing which you can get rid of this error in just a few minutes. The solutions are as follows:

Solution-1: Uphold the hosting procedure

  • First of all, you have to access QB.
  • Then click on the File menu, and choose Utilities.
  • Verify that you have enabled the Host multi-user option and then move further to another system.
  • Under the File menu, click on Utilities.
  • Select Stop Hosting Multi-User Accessibility.
  • Iterate this procedure for all the systems excluding the real host server.

Solution-2: Use QuickBooks Tool Hub

  • Firstly, you should close the QB.
  • Click on the QuickBooks Tool Hub file to download it.
  • Save this file to a location where you can search it.
  • Now open the file you have downloaded.
  • Implement all the instructions given on the screen s to install.
  • And click OK to agree to the terms and conditions.
  • When it completes, double-click the QB Tool Hub icon to open it.

Solution-3: Execute QuickBooks Database Server Manager

  • First, click on the Network Issues from the QB tool hub.
  • Then choose the QuickBooks Database Server Manager
  • Under the QB Database Server Manager, click on Start Scan. 
  • When the scanning is done, then Close it. 
  • Now open QB on each system. 
  • Choose the File and move to a Multi-user environment.

Solution-4: Ensure the services running on your server

  • Click on the Windows Start Menu.
  • Then select the Run option.
  • Now enter services.msc into the Run window, and then click Enter.
  • Browse and click on QuickBooksDBXX.
  • After that, click on Automatic.
  • Verify that the Service status is either Running or Started.
  • At that time, access the Recovery tab.
  • Select Restart the Service from the drop-down.
  • Click OK to apply and store the changes 
  • Again follow all these steps for QBCFMonitorService.
  • At that time, open QB on each system.
  • Navigate to the File menu and move to a Multi-user environment. 

Instant Fixes

You can also perform some instant fixes for resolving the QuickBooks error H101. These steps will save you precious time by quickly solving this error. They are as follows:

  • First of all, you have to perform these steps before opening an organization document.
  • Then you have to access QB on the workstation on which you see error h101.
  • Next, click on the File menu >> Utilities.
  • Do not click on the Host Multi-User Access option. 
  • Instead, go to the next workstation.
  • Choose the Stop Hosting Multi-User Access option.
  • Repeat all these steps on all workstations on which you see QB Error H101.

After you verify your workstations, then move on to your server PC. Then follow these steps step by step. They are as follows:

  • Access QB on your server PC.
  • Go to the File menu >> Utilities.
  • Select the Host Multi-User Access option. 
  • Don’t select Stop Hosting Multi-User Access option.
  • This will solve your problem.


In the end, it is clear that QuickBooks Error H101 is an H-series error that appears in your system when you are attempting to move between single and multi-user environments. It may also happen when you access the organization file in the multi-user environment. If you have any questions, seek advice from our Intuit specialists by dialing our QuickBooks Online Phone Number.

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