QuickBooks Exeadapter Error

As we all know that QuickBooks is a financial management software which is used to handle day to day accounting and bookkeeping activities of the organizations. Although QuickBooks an amazing accounting software but there are some technical glitches due to which QB is not responding properly. QuickBooks Exeadpater Error is an installation error which occurs with a message on your screen like: There is some problem with your installation. Due to this error the organization files may be damaged or there may be corrupted Microsoft.Net Framework. However, QB exeadapter error arises when the users are trying to open the company files. If you want any assistance in order to get rid of these types of installation errors then seek help from our QuickBooks Support +1-888-461-1519 experts.

Main Causes

The main causes behind QuickBooks Exeadapter Error are as follows:

  • First of all, Microsoft .Net Framework is damaged.
  • Damaged Windows Operating System.
  • System files may be damaged due to malicious attack.
  • QuickBooks installation document may be corrupted.

EXEAdapter error happens when Microsoft .Net framework is missing on your windows operating system. Microsoft .NET Framework is a Microsoft element used by QB, in order to integrate with the web applications.

Fix QuickBooks ExeAdapter Error

Although there are many ways to resolve QuickBooks Exeadpater Error. Some of them are as follows:

Download and Install QuickBooks Tool Hub

The QuickBooks Tool Hub consists of several tools together in just one tool. It is used to resolve common QuickBooks errors. In order to resolve this exeadpater error, you should follow some steps to download and install QuickBooks Tool Hub.

  • Firstly, close QB.
  • Now download the  QuickBooks Tool Hub file. 
  • Then save the file where you can search it whenever you want.
  • Click on the QuickBooksToolHub.exe file to open it.
  • Then step by step follow all the instructions displayed on the screen to install it.
  • Now press OK to agree the terms and conditions.
  • When the install completes, double-click on the tool hub  icon to open it.

Execute QuickBooks Install Diagnostic Tool

  • First, you have to open the QuickBooks Tool Hub.
  • From tool hub, click on the Installation Issues.
  • Then choose QuickBooks Install Diagnostic Tool to run. 
  • Restart your device when install completes.

Repair MSXML

When you install QuickBooks Desktop from CD

  • First of all, you should insert the CD in the CD drive. 
  • If the installation window opens on your  system screen, then close it.
  • Visit to the Windows Start button and then click on Computer.
  • Open the CD drive, then access the ThirdParty folder.
  • Now click on the MSXML6 folder.
  • For 64-bit operating system, launch the msxml6_64.msi.
  • If it is 32-bit operating system then launch the msxml6_86.msi.
  • When the MSXML6 installation is completed, then install QB Desktop.

When you install QuickBooks Desktop from a downloaded file

  • Firstly, download the msxml.msi installation file and then save it to your desktop.
  • If you are using Windows 10, 8.1,8, 7 or Vista then visit to the Start menu.
  • Type msiexec.exe /fvaum “%userprofile%\desktop\msxml.msi in the search filed and click Enter.
  • When the MSXML6 installation is done, then perform QB Desktop installation.

Run Selective Startup mode

Before proceeding, you should keep a backup of your organization file and you should also keep a copy of your QB product and license information. After that, follow these steps such as:

  • Hold Windows+R keys altogether to open the Run command.
  • Enter msconfig, then click on OK.
  • Under the General tab, choose Selective startup and Load system services.
  • Under the Services tab, click on Hide all services.
  • After that, choose Disable all.
  • Now uncheck the Hide all services option.
  • Select the Windows Installer from the list of Microsoft services.
  • Click OK.
  • From the System Configuration window, choose Restart.
  • Once your system opens, perform clean installation of QB Desktop.

Now restore your system to normal configuration when QuickBooks is installed. For this, you have to follow some steps such as:

  • Select Windows+R keys to open the Run command.
  • Enter msconfig, then choose OK.
  • From the General tab, click on Normal startup.
  • Click on OK option.
  • Now click Restart from the System Configuration window.

Run Anti-virus software

  • First of all, install and run Anti-virus on your device in order to save it from malicious infections.
  • However, QuickBooks Exeadapter error may be due to malware attack.
  • By running anti-virus software will help you in identifying your malicious infection in your QB accounting software.

Combine .old at exit of Framework.xml file

  • Visit the C drive and search for QuickBooks folder.
  • After that right-click on the Framework.Xml file.
  • Then choose Rename from the drop-down menu bar.
  • Combine .old at the exit of the file name.
  • Now save the changes for future.

Perform Clean Install of QuickBooks Desktop

  • Click on the Windows Start menu. 
  • Then find Control Panel and then click on Control Panel to open it.
  • Now choose Programs and Features or Uninstall a Program from the options.
  • From the list of installed programs, choose the version of QuickBooks Desktop that you are having difficulty with.
  • Click on Uninstall/Change and then select Remove.
  • After that select Next. 
  • If you don’t view this option on the screen, then sign out.
  • Again sign in to Windows as an admin.
  • Again install QuickBooks Desktop.


In brief, we can say that QuickBooks Exeadapter Error is a common installation error which occurs due to missing or damaged Microsoft .Net framework. It may be also due to a malicious infection. By following the above mentioned steps, you can resolve QuickBooks Exeadapter Error. These solutions will provide you instant fixes to your installation issues. However if you require any guidance or support then dial our QuickBooks Phone Number at any time and from anywhere. Our highly-qualified and certified support professionals will provide instant solutions to all your issues. They believe in providing quality professional services to all the customers.


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