QuickBooks Premier 2020: Features, And Pricing

QuickBooks Premier 2020 Desktop is online flexible accounting software that takes care of the proprietor, self-employed, accountants’ needs. Additionally, it is an advanced version of QuickBooks Pro. This software also helps you to access and manage your QB from your laptop, smartphones. You can access it at any time, and from anywhere. However, it will help you to organize your business finance all in one place, track sales, etc. You can also know how your business is doing from anywhere around the world. If you have queries regarding QB Premier 2020 then you can dial our QuickBooks Phone Number.


  • First of all, it allows access to concurrent 5 users.
  • QB is also suitable for organizations like nonprofit, retail, construction, manufacturing, and also wholesale.
  • User-friendly. 
  • Users can import contacts and the accounting data from Excel to Quickbooks Premier 2020 Desktop.
  • Tracks sales, customer payments, and inventory.
  • Produces invoices and forms.
  • Helps in forecasting sales and manage balance sheets.
  • Create business plans.
  • It is used to categorize the financial data by departments, location.
  • It creates professional looking forms and invoices.
  • Premier sends invoices and estimates right from your business Yahoo, Gmail account. 
  • You can attach and store documents in the Document Center.
  • You can see your invoices, billing, and other essential tasks in a Calendar view.
  • And you can see key reports in just a single click.
  • Bill Tracker lets you see the status of your bill, or you can also print or close purchase orders.
  • Report Filters are applied across multiple reports and can be viewed on one screen.
  • Automated reports are generated and emailed to you when you schedule them.
  • Helps in delivering your payroll taxes on time with a payroll liability reminder on the Home screen.
  • You can easily Upgrade or Transfer the Quickbooks files to a new computer.
  • It reduces the file to a significant amount without deleting it.
  • From check to bill pay, you can easily keep a record of what you owe vendors.
  • You can easily search and open company files with the help of a File search option.
  • By consolidating multiple into one email, it simplifies customer payment processing.
  • There is an advanced reporting feature that includes a “this year to last month” filter.

Detailed View

Before installing Quickbooks Premier 2020 Desktop on your system, make sure that your system must fulfill all the requirements listed here otherwise you may face difficulty while installing it.

QuickBooks Premier 2020 Desktop System Requirements

  • All editions of Windows 10, Windows 8.1(Latest Update 1), Windows 7 SP1 should be installed on the system.
  • It also supports Windows Server 2019, Windows Server 2016, Windows Server 2012, and 2012 R2.
  • Internet Explorer 11.
  • 2.4 GHz processor.
  • 8 GB RAM(4 GB minimum).
  • US version of Windows.
  • 2.5 GB disk space required (additional disk space needed for data files).
  • 4 X DVD-ROM required for CD installation.
  • Screen resolution 1280 x 1024 or higher.

Choose QuickBooks Premier 2020 Desktop For

Although it contains all the features of Quickbooks Pro, which makes it different are: Forecasting, Inventory, Industry-specific tools, and reports. This version includes a customized chart for account list, product list, service list, that Quickbooks Pro does not provide. It saves time as it already customized the software to meet your specific business needs. With Quickbooks Premier 2020, you can track products in multiple units of measure and you can also generate sales orders for your business. In addition, it also allows you to bill and track customers by time, date, product, and percentage completion. You can also create and print deposit slips. Each version of Quickbooks Premier 2020 provides you the access to specific template reports that are geared particularly for the industry.

Steps To Install It

  • Open the downloaded QB Desktop version.
  • Now you have to go through all the instructions mentioned on the screen. Then you have to read the License Agreement and click Next for moving further.
  • Mention the given License and Product number. And click Next.
  • Now there are two options available for installing QB Desktop:
  1. Express install.
  2. Custom and Network install.

1. Express install

It is recommended if:

  • you are a new user.
  • Again try to install QuickBooks.
  • want to use QB in a single environment instead of a network of computers.

To express install

  • Select the Express and click on the Next option.
  • Choose install.
  • After completing the installation, open Quickbooks to work on it.

2. Custom and Network install

It is recommended if:

  • you also want to install/download QB on other than the default location.
  • wish to set up a multi-user network.
  • handling your company files on a server.

To Custom and Network install

  • Select the Custom and Network option and then click on the Next option.
  • After that click on the option that assists you with how you will use QB.
  • Then click the Change the install location on the next screen.
  • Then you have to choose the Browse option to decide where you want to keep your QB folder.
  • After choosing the browser then click the Next option to continue the installation process.
  • When the installation is done, then click the Open option to start the QB.

Activate QB By:

  • Firstly, open the QB.
  • Click the Activate QuickBooks Desktop from the Help menu.
  • Then follow the instructions given on the screen to verify your information.

After completing all these steps, QB will activate and you can do the work on it.

Steps For Upgrading It

Although if you want to upgrade your present version of QB to the latest version. Then you have to follow some steps such as:

  • Select the Upgrade Quickbooks option on the menu bar.
  • Answer the queries in respect of prior purchasing the license.
  • After that download and install the required version QB.
  • Get the newly installed upgraded version of QB.
  • After completing the procedure, open the software.

Pricing Of QB Premier 2020 Desktop

However, there are three different categories of QB Desktop products. They are:

  1. Pro.
  2. Premier.
  3. Enterprise.

Although these accounting programs are the same, with a similar User Interface and design. These programs are also different in their features, cost, and size.

  1. Pro: It is suitable for small businesses with 1-3 users.
  2. Premier: It is suitable for small to medium businesses with 1-5 users.
  3. Enterprise: It is ideal for businesses on a larger scale with 1-30 users.

QuickBooks Premier

Although t has similar features like QB Pro(Journal entries, Contact Management, Invoices and estimates, Charts of accounts).

  • First, the cost of the license of QB Premier is $499.95.
  • The annual upgrade costs $499.95.
  • The phone supports $89.95/3 mo.
  • Data backup is at $9.95/ mo.

QuickBooks Premier Plus

However, it’s an annual subscription is $499.95. That includes free annual upgrades, phone support, and data backup.


  • Firstly, it includes an automatic payment reminder.
  • It tracks inventory assemblies.
  • QB Premier generates business plans.
  • It creates sales order reports.
  • You can search for company files in an easy way.
  • It provides payroll status for direct deposit.
  • It facilitates faster payments by enabling customers to search for invoice emails with the help of the PO (Purchase Order) number.
  • QB Premier analyzes job profitability by customizing job cost reports.
  • It combines multiple invoices in one email.
  • It provides a more reliable file transfer between accountants and Quickbooks customers/users.
  • Smart help is available by pressing F1 for enhanced help content and search experience or get access to live experts through message and call back option.
  • It also reduces the actions taken by users for completing their product upgrades.
  • Saves time by quickly showing the user details you need.
  • QB Premier has enhanced accessibility for vision challenged users for bills, invoices.
  • You can easily reset the admin password. 
  • It transfers customer credits across the jobs in a quick and easy way.
  • Flexibility and insight add to your business due to customized inventory reports.
  • QB Premier also lets your work done significantly faster with Windows.
  • It is time savvy as it provides a new searchable Chart of Accounts.
  • Automated reports also inform you that your reports are on time and are accurate.


QuickBooks Premier 2020 Desktop provides facilities like Smart help, Pick and Pack, Collapse and expand columns, Easy Version Upgrade, etc. However, all these features will not save time. But also helps in enhancing the work efficiency and accounting process. Although Smart Search is also a personalized feature that helps you to search for names, account numbers, transactions amount quickly. However, the QB Premier 2020 Desktop is an on-going premise software that is reliable and flexible in terms of allowing access to 5 users to work on QB at the same time. It is also ideal for small and medium-sized businesses.


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