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QuickBooks Desktop and QuickBooks Online for free through the Intuit Education Program is provided as QuickBooks Students Discount for necessary users. So, one thing we all know is that QuickBooks is accounting software and it allows small, medium and large companies to handle full accounting with 100 percent precision in the shortest possible time. The QuickBooks Accounting Software also helps generate pay bills, build invoices, handle payroll quickly and much more significantly

Most students experienced loan issues while purchasing pricey software for their classes linked to research and accounting. Before purchasing the accounting software, the student should be asked which QuickBooks version is best for their advisor, teacher or instructor, as many different courses may require a different version of QuickBooks. You can take the QuickBooks Student Discount if you can’t get a discount from the university bookstores or from any computer store.

There are many students taking courses relating to accounting and bookkeeping for their thesis that allow accounting software to go deep into accounting. Many graduates are seen as belonging to a middle-class family and do not have a large amount of money to acquire accounting software. QuickBooks is giving a chance to grow their accounting and bookkeeping careers by offering the discount. So this software can be purchased by the student and used for the study.

Registered Intuit website provides QuickBooks applications for students and teachers in the United States, offering QuickBooks online as well. Students are approved for free download as well as a free one-year subscription to QuickBooks Online Plus, and Educators have received a free, experience certificate for online accountants from QuickBooks.

Eligibility To Get QuickBooks Student Discount

Intuit is giving the students the discount service. QuickBooks offers coupon code in which the discount is received so that the student can give their best in accounting. Each student is always searching for a smaller amount but the best accounting software apps. Students here are looking for a rest since Intuit is always doing best for students. QuickBooks student discount program helps the students to grow their career in the field of accounting. While other accounting software does not give any discount to student accountant QuickBooks. To get this discount you have to be fit in the parameters specified below:

  1. Public or Private college or University.
  2. Recognized primary or secondary school
  3. A school district or board of education.
  4. Acknowledge public or private school that provides full-time instruction for students in grades K-12.
  5. Acknowledge public or private school that provides full-time instruction for students in grades K-12.
  6. Including Public or Private college or university community, junior college or vocational school also.

3 Best Places to Buy QuickBooks Software on Discount

Today, we’re discussing the best place to buy QuickBooks on a heavy discount, and QuickBooks consumers including students and educators can read and review both terms and conditions to obtain QuickBooks free or discount scores. We explain the number of the company selling QB for a discount, the price is changed regularly so you’re going to make sure you compare different prices online before purchasing and be careful about the discount looks too good to be true.

First company giving QuickBooks software discount:

Student Discounts.com

Here you’ll get more offers on QuickBooks Software, Various QuickBooks Edition, and its price list below:

  • QuickBooks Pro 2011 Windows: $109.99
  • QuickBooks Premier Non-Profit: $109.99
  • For QuickBooks Premier 2011 Windows: $109.99

Here, students receive the company’s $100 discount. We make sure that you choose the best version of QuickBooks from here.


JourneyEd is an online retailer that offers different types of products at a discount to students. The organization also offers training materials for QuickBooks, including electronic gadgets and equipment such as a notebook, smartphone and so on.

The 2011 edition of QuickBooks Accountant is designed specifically for students of accounting. The company JourneyEd is offering a discount on this version, and its price started as:$99.95.

Intuit Education Program:

Intuit also built this educational facility for the Program that allows students and educators to improve their tax accounting and bookkeeping skills. Coordinating this software requires effort, and then purchasing your copy of QuickBooks Software. An instructor who accesses the opportunities for additional study. Intuit Education Program benefits for tutor or pupil in Canada on some models of QuickBooks applications.

  • Accountant Education site license for 10 computer QuickBooks price: $259.95
  • License for 25 computer QuickBooks price: $399.95
  • Site license for 50 computer QuickBooks price: $599.95

Other Discount Software for Students:

Several types of QuickBooks Students Discount are available but depending on the interests and study areas that you may consider. Below we describe perhaps the most popular software which helps many students. Subsequent applications as:

Microsoft Portal Products:

A copy of Microsoft Office will be needed for each accounting student to write an essay, presentation and also prepared spreadsheets. Such services are also available free of charge at openoffice.org but you can not reach the most popular products. The reduced Microsoft office edition is now available for students and you can also buy from Microsoft store at $99.95.

Apple Store:

At an affordable price, like MacBooks and iPods, Apple software mainly offers QuickBooks and Affordable items. The Discounted Software offers the following through the apple store including:

  • iBank4 at the prize: $59.95 for personal finance
  • Adobe CS5.5 Design Standard for Student and Teacher Edition at price$299.95 for graphic and media design.
  • Final Draft 8 at pricing: $249.95 for script writing
  • iWork at price $71.


If you want to purchase efficient QuickBooks Accounting Software at a lower price, so you need to come and buy software at a low cost. Intuit is giving a fantastic chance to purchase accounting software. You will quickly register on the Intuit platform, and then purchase the latest version of QuickBooks at a cheaper price. You need more information on QuickBooks Student Discount so you can always get in contact with us at any time we are available 24×7 and our experts are always ready to help our valuable customers.


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