How To Upgrade QuickBooks Enterprise To The Latest Release?

QuickBooks is a wonderful accounting tool for accountants, freelancers, business owners, etc. Although Intuit releases many editions to make the accounting tasks easier and simpler. Similarly, QuickBooks Enterprise is an excellent edition that provides flexibility to accounting professionals to scale up and down the accounting activities according to their needs. In this blog, we will discuss why is there need to Upgrade QuickBooks Enterprise to the latest release. However, it is obvious that the new version is more secure than the older versions. Therefore, there is a necessity to upgrade QuickBooks enterprise so that the users can make use of the advanced features of QuickBooks Enterprise.  If you are facing any issues, then dial our QuickBooks Payroll Phone Number and consult with our Intuit certified experts.

Why is there a need to upgrade QuickBooks Enterprise?

There is a need for upgrading QuickBooks Enterprise so that users can store larger size files in the database. You can also increase the size of the company file according to your needs. QB Enterprise provides more flexibility than Pro and Premier. With Enterprise, you can also scale 1 to 40 users and can work at the same time.

What are the features included in the latest release versions?

The advanced features that are included in the QuickBooks Enterprise latest version are as follows:

  • Latest! The Diamond Package
    This package allows you to add up to 40 users who can work at the same time. It will also track hours and progress with the help of TSheets Elite. You can also track the time, and get accurate tax filings with Assisted Payroll.
  • Landed Cost
    Factor in freight, duties, insurance, and other miscellaneous expenses so that you can quickly identity true product costs.
  • Alternate Vendors Center
    All your vendor’s lists are in one place that includes contacts and pricing data. It will also automatically create purchase orders with vendor information.
  • Express Pick-Pack
    Streamline your order fulfillment process with the flexibility to combine picker and packer roles.
  • Automatic Payment Reminders
    Get paid faster and reduce the follow up for late payments by setting reminders to let customers know when their payments are due.
  • Add PO Numbers to Invoice Emails
    Automate the addition of purchase order numbers in emails and make it easier for customers to find for them.
  • Combine Multiple Invoices in One Email
    Combine multiple invoices in just one email so that customers can pay easily.
  • Easier-to-read Customer Reports
    Hide columns to see simple, easy-to-read customer totals in reports with jobs and classes.

How to Upgrade QuickBooks Enterprise?

If you are a beginner and don’t know how to upgrade QuickBooks Enterprise. Then there is no need to get worried. But before upgrading, it is recommended that you should back up your data. So that the company data will remain secure and you can retrieve all that information whenever you want. Here is a list of steps that will help you to backup company data. They are as follows:

  • Firstly, visit the File menu and then click on Switch to Single-user Mode.
  • Again click on the File menu and select Back up Company option. 
  • Then choose the Create Local Backup to create the backup.
  • Next, choose Local Backup >> Browse and select the place to save your backup company file.
  • When you’re ready, click OK and move further.
  • Click on Save it now option to save it.
  • QB creates a single backup company file. When it is over, then you get a confirmation message.

After backing up data, then to upgrade QuickBooks Enterprise you have to follow some steps such as: 

  • First of all, click on the Upgrade Now option.
  • Next, mark the Keep old version on my computer check box. 
  • For keeping your current version of QB. Then choose Let’s go option.
  • Download it, then installs and registers the latest version QB. It will also create an updated version of your company files.
  • When the upgrades finished, click on the Open QB option.
  • The upgrade usually depends on your internet speed and the size of your company files.

If you don’t get any notification to upgrade your subscription, then follow these steps like:

  • First, select the Edit option, then click on Preferences.
  • Under the General tab, choose My Preferences option.
  • Mark the Bring back all one-time messages checkbox.
  • Close it and then again open QB.
  • This time you will get a notification to upgrade your QB subscription.

By following the above steps, you can upgrade QuickBooks Enterprise to the latest release.

In the end

You can upgrade QuickBooks Enterprise to the latest release by following the above steps. By upgrading, you can get the latest features which will increase the productivity of your business. If you still need any help, then you can also consult with our QuickBooks Support professionals. They are available all the time to help you.


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